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Harris/Goss cylinders and rollers

  • We can rework, repair, or recover all cylinders and rollers

3yr Warranty on all rebuilt printing cylinders! 

  • We have MN12 Goss folder parts!
  • Cylinder and Roller Reworking/ We have cores!!
  • Complete Press Rebuilds (On Site or Our Shop)
  • Used Equipment Sales-See used equip page
  • Press Audits
  • Field Service
  • Former Board Reworking


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Phone: 630-759-1696

Office hours: 8am to 4:30pm CST.

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Specials (Mention website prices when ordering)

Item # Description Price
  Cutting Rubber Urbanite- SC/SSC
160268-1 MN12 Cutting Rubbers
144363-1 7" Wood Brake Block
131708-1 7" Green Gripper Brake Block
932300-1 2" Rubber Wheel Dolly Cart 
108522-1 Rubber Roller Shaft
140827-1 Nipping Ring Split 22 3/4 
Plate or Blkt Cylinders Reworked SC
Ink Ftn Bar/Blade Assemble Community/Urbanite
 104419 1 Piece Folder Knives SC/SSC/Magmum Folders

Check out Master Metalizing, a division of Central Graphics, that specializes in applying metal and nylon coatings to virtually any part.

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